Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall
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This is what remains of the Berlin Wall. It is a stretch about fifty feet long on a rather bland street. Across the street from this remnant of the wall is a little museum in the form of a steel tower which you can ascend and get a view of how the scar of the wall bisects the city. I came upon it unintentionally--although it was a place I was interested in visiting--and found it very moving. To imagine this magnificent city split in two, and how people who might have been friends separated by only a few streets were entirely cut off from one another. And the utter prosaic location, and the blocks of post-war East German apartments across from it, belie it's intense symbolism. Like much of Berlin I found it intense, and it made me wonder what it must be like to live in a city with such a powerful and dramatic history.

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she said...

fascinating/hopeful history..

inspired a re-visit to wikipedia

but there must be something quite different in the experience of being there/seeing vs. reading about

sends my brain on a spin about walls in general; territories; divisions..

man-made and man-removed

"to peace" love, ~s.