Monday, July 13, 2009

leaving Berlin

water lilies
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I like this picture a lot, because it sums up some things I've discovered about this city. It is a beautiful city, full of history and architectural wonders. It is also a vital living city that does not in any way feel like a museum. There is creative energy all over the place: witness the pink wall in this little park I stumbled upon today.

But I am ready to leave. I have been in solitude long enough. I am beginning to feel alienated, and I feel my spirits sinking. I have no friends here; I have not had a real conversation in days save for a nice night out for drinks with a former student and her boyfriend. I have walked miles and miles, looking, watching, listening. But I need human contact; not the superficial kind, but the kind I get from my friends. I am lonely by nature. Traveling alone makes me keenly aware of how significant loneliness is to my life. I should not force loneliiness for long.

So I am packed. I will sleep for a few hours and go to the airport. I am quite tired so hopefully I will sleep on the plane, something that is difficult for me usually. I can't wait to see my pets. I miss them terribly.

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she said...

what a sight! gorgeous..

gorgeous by way of photo, so i can only imagine taking it in with your own two eyes

quite a journey.. on many levels

and to look forward now, to your friends, pets, comforts of home

and your upcoming performance

~safe travels; peace..


a welcome home

love, ~s.