Monday, October 17, 2005

one by one

Well, by one my blogging circle, such as it is (really more a construct I have invented myself than anything actual) has dwindled. Lodgerlow has put her blog on the shelf, at least for a time. Whirlingboy has not posted in weeks. Supercilious and mono no aware likewise. I press on. I will not abandon this project. Perhaps it is pure self-indulgence which propels me. But it is therapeutic to analyze, to recount, to dissect the events/behaviors/impulses/interactions through which I trudge through my days, good and bad. As an artist, ultimately my material is my self. Writing here helps me to understand myself. Hopefully it is of interest to others, but that is not what compels me. It is more to leave a document, a record, of my days, so that I know that I exist. Otherwise I might get lost. And I for one know that I have been lost many times before in my life.

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