Thursday, March 01, 2007


ruins (5)
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It is as if I have passed through some portal into a gloomy place that I recognize but abhor. I want to sleep, I want to disappear, my head hurts, I feel overwhelmed by simple things. The sky outside, sunny blue when I walked Mabel early in the morning (my sleep constantly disrupted by some kind of turmoil), has turned. Wake me up when it is over.

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she said...

great shot, as always.

pulled three cards out of my tool kit (naomi epel) for you today

they say:

switch media
find the music
learn from the masters

and sometimes when i can't pull myself up or out, i let these cards help shift my direction

(okay, the cards, 3 p.m. aspirins, a good nights sleep and one orgasm for breakfast)

-good luck ")